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Let’s Talk About Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Where do I even begin with this one…

The latest Pokemon games are here and… they’re a hot mess. Pokemon Violet (the one I’m playing on my PC because the Switch version is hot garbage) is a terrible game. Even if it launched bug free and had serviceable graphics it would still be a bad game. How many passes is the Pokemon community going to give Game Freak for releasing supbar products? Violet is the 5th (6th if you Mystery Dungeon) Pokemon game on the Switch and it’s arguably the worst one out of the bunch. The animations are laughable, the graphics look like a game in early alpha, and even most of the new Pokemon that I’ve come across are lacking in creativity. Like… what the fuck is this

Great design there Game Freak…

Or this

and this…

The half assed Pokemon isn’t even the biggest problem for me. The awful performance and shit ton of graphical glitches are. Everything in this game looks like a placeholder that never got replaced. Cities in Pokemon are usually pretty unique and fun to explore. They’re absolutely low rendered pieces of shit in this game. You can’t walk in every building. There are very few interiors in this game. Even Pokemon Centers are outside now.

The open world is bland as hell too. It’s worse than Arceus’s. At least Arceus had good animations and really fun battle system compared to… this. Violet world is lifeless, bland, and boring. You just run around looking at Pokemon and battling trainers. It’s not fun. A small game like Temtem is beautifully animated. The battles are fun because there’s visual feedback happening in front of us. We can’t keep excusing half assed games from this company. If this was Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda, and, most recently, CD Projekt Red everyone would be tearing them apart. This game gets a pass because it’s Nintendo though.

There are no cool vistas or cities to explore in this game. There’s no life in this game. It’s just a lazy cash grab from Game Freak. All of their effort clearly went into Arceus (which is a 7 at best in my opinion). Even the gym leaders are bad in this game, and Pokémon usually has some unique gyms. I’m not a fan of finding a secret recipe, or rolling shit through a field. It’s not fun, it’s not unique, and it’s a waste of my time. I really tried to find something I could come here and praise about this game. I really did, but honestly… Game Freak doesn’t deserve any praise for giving us this stinking pile of shit. That’s exactly what it is. A giant pile of shit that Pokémon fans will praise because they’re used to mediocrity. I have found enjoyment in every previous Pokémon game in existence, and I just can’t find any here.

I really wanted my first post back to be more positive than this, but hey, that’s just how it is sometimes.

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