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Ghost Of Tsushima Is… Kind Of Boring

Everyone has raved about how great Ghost of Tsushima is. That it’s one of Sony’s best games and that it puts every Assassin’s Creed game to shame. Where is this magical game because it’s not the one I’m playing?

Ghost of Tsushima is an absolutely beautiful game. A beautiful, boring-ass game that I had to make myself play so I could form enough of an opinion to come here and write this article. My biggest problem with Tsushima is the open world. It’s… really fucking boring. Excuse my French there, but this game really grinds my gears. A game this beautiful shouldn’t be this boring to explore. One thing I do love is the lack of filler on the screen. You’re guided by the wind and that allowed me to enjoy the scenery because I sure as hell wasn’t enjoying anything else about the open world.

My experience in Tsushima basically boils down to opening my map, clicking on a question mark, follow the wind to the objective, and fight a few bad guys, rinse and repeat. Even the story bits aren’t that interesting to me. It’s like when this game was being designed they couldn’t decide what direction they wanted to take this game in. There’s more to an open-world game than it just being big. You have to fill it with interesting locations, objectives, and lore. None of that is in this game. Even collecting new swords is meaningless because they all share the same stats. The only difference is the cosmetic appearance of the weapon you’re using.

I also have an issue with the gameplay. It’s no near as great as people on social media made it out to be. I hold it in the same regard as I do the new God of War game. The gameplay in that game was alright at best and I can say the same about Tsushima. The combat here isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. Especially not when you start the game. I hate that so many developers are adding RPG elements to their games when they don’t need them. Don’t lock out combat features behind a stupid “skill tree” that should’ve been in the game to begin. In Sekiro you have everything you need at the beginning of the game. Yes, you can get new gadgets that open up new ways to play in interesting ways. There’s none of that in Tsushima.

You can unlock new ghost weapons like Kunai, sticky bombs, and wind chimes. Stuff like that I can understand being locked in a skill tree. But shit like a perfect parry should be there from the start. I’ve been trying my best to play the game that seemingly everyone else raved about. Where is it? The way dialogue is handled is dumb. Instead of zooming in on the faces of the people that are talking like The Witcher 3 and many other modern-day RPGs did and no, I’m not calling Tsushima an RPG even though it wants to be one.

The only great thing about Tsushima was the opening scene. It was incredible and hyped me up to play the rest of the game only to disappoint me. It went downhill from there and hasn’t shown a hint of getting any better. You probably think I hate this game. I don’t. It’s just average to me. It’s forgettable outside of the graphics and that’s sad because I really wanted to like this game. I really did. And I’m going to keep playing to see if it gets any better. Will I complete it? Probably not, but I’m going to play for a little longer. If I had to grade Tsushima based on what I’ve played so far it would be a solid 6/10.

It’s a slightly above-average game to me. I did enjoy some of the side stories and characters that were introduced and I can’t justify giving this game anything lower than a 6 because it’s not broken and doesn’t have performance issues. It’s far from the masterpiece that Sony fans claim it is though. I’ll go on the record and say this is the worst version of Assassin’s Creed I’ve ever played. All of the modern Assassin’s Creed games are better than this game. Why the comparison? Because Sony fans have consistently compared this game to them since its release and it does everything worse than them outside of the graphics.

Ghost of Tsushima is incredibly overrated (like most Sony games I’ve played) and pales in comparison to other games in the genre. Yes, it’s beautiful, but beauty isn’t the only thing I want in a video game.

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  1. Maybe you in your opinion. But doesn’t mean anything you say is fact, or true. You don’t speak for everyone lol and this is coming from a hardcore Xbox fan.

    • It’s obviously my opinion because I’m the one that wrote it. When did I pass off my opinion as fact? Not everyone will like the same game and you mentioning that you’re an Xbox fan adds nothing to this conversation. I own every platform including a PC. If I don’t like a game I’ll express that regardless on who agrees with it or not.


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