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Let’s Talk About The Hogwarts Legacy Controversy!

Now here’s a hot topic to write about. People are actively bullying others into not buying Hogwarts Legacy because J.K. Rowling is “harming the LGBT community” with her words. Words, by the way, which aren’t even really that bad. People are too sensitive these days. If you say something someone doesn’t agree with they’ll label you some sort of phobe or call you racist or both if you’re lucky!

So this whole controversy over the video game is because the creator of Harry Potter has apparently said some mean things on the Internet that are harmful to trans people. She’s “attacking” them because words are violence now. Not really. The truth is whenever this subject is brought up and I ask for evidence of what she has done to harm them they backpedal and just make it about their feelings. Now you have every single right to boycott this game if you’re truly offended by what J.K Rowling has said. But I also have every right to support the game because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.

Where’s this energy with Activision, Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA, Disney, Walmart, and just about every other megacorporation on the planet? Did people forget who created Disney? Or what the other game publishers I mentioned have supposedly done over the years? The truth is boycotting doesn’t work. They didn’t work with Amazon, Blizzard, or EA so why would it work with a series that’s bigger than all of those combined? Don’t even get me started on how protected Naughty Dog is despite all of the turmoil that’s gone on in that studio. So if you’re going to try and cancel one developer before their game even releases then you should have that exact same energy for all of them that’s done some shady shit.

Avalanche Software deserves a chance to have their game played by as many people as possible and they undoubtedly will. A small vocal minority of gamers on Twitter isn’t going to make a difference. They never do and that’s a fact. I draw the line at bullying. Believe in whatever you choose and let others do the same. If you won’t support this game fine. Play something else that lines up with your own personal beliefs then and let people that are excited about it enjoy it.

Demanding that we don’t buy the game because it offends YOU isn’t my problem. You don’t pay my bills or impact my life in any way whatsoever so I think I’ll be fine with you having hurt feelings over a video game. Every time there’s a controversy I roll my eyes because it’s never as serious as people make it out to be. Just like that fake outrage over Cyberpunk 2077’s lack of trans representation when, in fact, it had more representation than any other game I’ve ever played.

So should Harry Potter fans boycott Hogwarts Legacy? I can’t answer that for you. All I know is this Harry Potter fan will be there on day one.

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