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Lets Talk About Elden Ring Selling 12 Million Units

If you think that’s a typo it’s not. Elden Ring (my current GOTY) has already sold 12 million and it hasn’t even been out for a month yet. Elden Ring is a massive success for both Bandai Namco and From Software. Elden Ring has taken the gaming world by storm. It’s been talked about nonstop and even non Souls fans are buying the game and loving it. From Software has struck gold by taking what worked in their older games and applying it to an open-world format.

The end result is one of the most refreshing open-world games I’ve played in a really long time. There are no map markers, microtransactions, loot boxes, or even quest objectives. This game just throws you in and lets you figure shit out for yourself. It’s awesome and hopefully, more developers start doing this. I don’t need to be treated like a 5-year-old while playing an open-world game. Let me figure stuff out without having the main protagonist remind me of what I’m supposed to be doing every 10 minutes or without the game looking like this –

If Ubisoft had made Elden Ring this is what it would look like. From Software, honestly, has crafted something special here. Elden Ring is the most accessible game in the series and is also one of the easiest games in the series. We can debate the whole “IT SHOULD HAVE AN EASY MODE” thing another day. You can’t deny the success of this game or the nonstop praise it has received since its launch.

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