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Well... I'm back and I've missed you guys. I've been gone for over a year. Maybe closer to two years. That certainly wasn't my intention. After I lost drakulus I took that as an opportunity to reb…
Everyone has raved about how great Ghost of Tsushima is. That it's one of Sony's best games and that it puts every Assassin's Creed game to shame. Where is this magical game because it's not the one I…
Now here's a hot topic to write about. People are actively bullying others into not buying Hogwarts Legacy because J.K. Rowling is "harming the LGBT community" with her words. Words, by the way, which…
If you think that's a typo it's not. Elden Ring (my current GOTY) has already sold 12 million and it hasn't even been out for a month yet. Elden Ring is a massive success for both Bandai Namco and Fro…

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